Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PRAYER NEEDED FOR NEPAL! Nepal is undergoing a revolution in the last 20 years + its government has just passed a new constitution allowing freedom of religion for all its citizens. But there is much opposition: Hindu nationalists with the support of the Indian government, are trying to overturn this constitution, advocating that Nepal revert to being a Hindu state, where changing religion would not be allowed. For over 3 months now, they have pressured for their views’ acceptance by forcing an embargo on goods coming into landlocked Nepal from India -Nepal’s only real outlet to the rest of the world. Fuel for transportation and cooking, medicine, and food have run out in many areas of the country - even salt was unavailable today! I have seen long lineups of people in Kathmandu waiting all day for essential supplies that never come. The gas trucks stand empty. Hospitals are forced to close because there are no available medicines. Basic food prices have doubled, causing shortages that make life even more difficult for one of our world’s already poorest nations, especially while trying to recover from April’s devastating earthquakes. China has offered some aid, but roads through the Himalayas are becoming unsafe, even impassable with winter snow.
I know this doesn’t get the media-time such as the Paris attacks or Trudeau’s selfies, but people here are suffering needlessly and no one is paying attention. Western media is distracted.
Please pray for Nepal: its leaders to stand strong and not yield to the Hindu extremists and complicit Indian government’s bullying tactics; the poor of this largely agricultural society who are struggling greatly; + the Christian church, a growing, vibrant community here, who continue to boldly witness Jesus through it all.
Will you please TURN OFF your TV for a few minutes, PRAY for those who are suffering + REPOST this so others will hear the need + pray + we will see answers for justice here in Nepal???

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