Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rejoice! Christ's Resurrection is a Historical Fact, not just Someone's Personal Opinion!

Our old history ends with the cross; our new history begins with the resurrection. ~ Watchman Nee
The world values opinions; science tries to make its own truth from theories, social media takes polls. God deals with historical truth: Jesus Christ has risen from the dead! And no matter if that doesn’t fit your scientific, social, worldly grid, it’s still true! And it will always be true: this eternal fact is the basis of our faith and cannot be reasoned away.  Christ’s Resurrection stands secure: God’s permanent reality in stark contrast to mankind’s relativity theories – everything relative to our inconsistent standards of personal comfort and materialistic self-centredness. The authorities set a guard that long ago Saturday to watch over what had happened on Friday to prevent ‘an even worse than the first’ thing on Sunday, the third day. But their guards proved ineffective against the power of God then and always will. There is no protection against Truth and Love; those 2 wings will always rise and break out of man’s boxes. Even today they’ve set their guards of accusation, fear, doubt, persecution and lies, but the grave is already empty! They’re too late. Truth has risen! The Light has come! Darkness reacts and may threaten, but can never overcome. And once again His Good News triumphs. A new history has begun.
Rejoice: it's a Happy Easter, everyone!