Saturday, October 31, 2015

So what's the REAL significance of Hallowe'en = Holy Evening? 498 years ago an insignificant monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 points for debate on this door in Wittenberg, Germany.Today is called Reformation Day in parts of Europe, but it really is a Revolution Day: Luther not only challenged the religious status quo then, but significantly affected ALL German society: politics, society, government, economics, education, morality, family life; all got turned... upside down? right side up? The debate continues, but the Revelation of Jesus Christ is still the only answer to man's questions + problems. 

So glad Amy + I got to spend not only a day there, but the night in the Youth Hostel right next door!

Walls Comin' Down!

God is calling out marathoners, not just sprinters, to run in this human race. Ryan ran his personal best time ever in the Berlin Marathon. The race coursed through scenes of what had been complete destruction just 70 years ago, but now rebuilt. People didn't give up! Also past the infamous Berlin Wall that separated so many for too many years, but now torn down, only remnants as reminders of past tyranny that must never again be repeated. Marathoners hit 'the wall' during their race + the temptation is yield to pain, distractions + fatigue and quit. But 'endurance' wins the race: 1 more step, 1 more day, just 1 more breath is all the difference between giving up + overcoming, breaking through walls that must and will come down!

The Gate is Open!

I'm back from Europe! I have most of my lost/stolen(?) credit cards/ID replaced + I just got my new laptop today with most of my documents/pictures restored after former laptop crashed the day I left (for some Spirit-led reason I backed them up the night before!) Quite the experience: in all my years of traveling, I've never lost my wallet before (nor really anything!) + I was so thankful my kids were with me to help me keep looking up + straight ahead! Kinda like Ryan running the Berlin marathon in these photos, finishing up at the Brandenburg Gate; in fact, here we all are: Sophia, Ryan, Amy + me, just missing Michael + Kelsey + the kids! The Wall is down! The Door is open! Time to enter into ALL the Promises!