Thursday, November 5, 2015

4th M in my journey: Mennonites! + I found roots-fruits of family ancestors from 2 centuries ago in Danzig (East Prussia) now Gdansk (Poland). Persecuted by both Catholics + Lutherans because of their radical Reformation faith, these Anabaptists (believers in adult believers' baptism) fled from Friesland-Holland, stopped here on their pilgrimage: dug canals, drained swamps, built windmills + raised families before again fleeing to Russia + Canada (my parents). I discovered a virtual Dutch city on the Baltic + a Mennonite church building + vibrant Spirit-filled Polish congregation after all this time! Danzig was where WWII started,  was bombed + totally destroyed, but rose from ruins to birth Solidarity + bring down the communist government in the '80s. Prayers of faith never return void, even if their fruit takes a few 100 years!

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