Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 16 Light came in the night

Day 16 Light came in the night concerning my need to ‘know’ answers to Qs? like:
‘Where is Erica? Is she OK? When will she come back?’ - things I don't know.
And I heard the Holy Spirit admonish me that focusing on these Qs? is like looking back

to the Tree of Knowledge of good + evil.
God turned me from such doubt and fears when I gave my life to Jesus 39 years ago.
My life changed + my mouth spoke:
“I’ve given up the pursuit of knowledge + found the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ!’ (If you'd like to read more, go to Sept 2/13)
Now I need to look again to my spiritual roots + draw from that same Tree of Life - what I do know.
Just over 4 years ago, Erica’s life also hung in a balance. Many of you walked through that dark night with us + the Lord spoke Job 23:10 to me, ‘He knows the way that I take.’
And what do I know?
He knew my way + brought us through then + I know His Presence still with us as He walks us through now.
I know Our Redeemer lives.
I know Erica is with Jesus. Whether still with us here on earth or in heaven, I don’t know,

but I do know He is faithful, He has never left us, He has not forsaken her, nor will He ever. 
His Promises are ever true in Jesus!
And that is where we as a family in Christ choose to live + abide today + always. 

Covering us with His mercy + truth, surrounding us with peace + love,
from beneath I know His mighty wings of grace + truth are lifting us up through this storm.

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