Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 10 Thanksgiving

Day 10 -Thanksgiving Day in Canada
 + I had so hoped this day would bring our longed-for revelation and resolution.
 Last year we faced what we felt then was a difficult season, but was merely a broken car transmission in California and Erica phoned me from home:
"'I've got the word of the Lord for you, Henry! You know how you so like the Book of Revelation? Well, it's Rev 2:10, 'You shall have tribulation 10 days!'"
It was only my 2nd day in the California furnace + not wanting to stay so much longer, I countered, 'That's symbolic, not literal.'
But it proved to be 10 days, exactly like she'd said, until I was able to return home; then the tide turned, and the Lord moved us from gory to glory.
I was hoping somehow that same pattern might hold true for this year's trial,
but last year's test does not even come close to the awful pain I now feel for my bride + our family. We cry out to hear some evidence of her whereabouts + safety!
And the Lord has led me to Job: he lost everything in one day, but Job 1:20 reveals his heart:
Job worshiped. The battle was already won in Chapter 1!
The book continues through 41 more chapters: accusations, debate + argument with 3 comforters(?) before the Lord Himself shows up in the midst of the whirlwind.
And when He speaks, revelation comes + Job replies in 42:5:
'I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You...'
Thanksgiving brings resolution in the midst of the storm.
It is not merely a statutory holiday, but the response of thankful hearts who don't understand what's happening, but know their Redeemer lives + brings His sons + daughters through!
Thank you for this day, Father!
Thank you for Your love + faith: both wings in Christ to not only cover + protect Erica, but lift her up + bring her safely home!

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