Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 13 + I'm not superstitious!

Day 13 + I'm not superstitious! Rather, I believe this Romans 8:28 paraphrase for every day, regardless of its number: 'God is able to work all things together for our good + His glory!' Yesterday brought troubling reports: the trail had gone cold, 12 days had drained us, without any word from or about Erica, signs of life were few.
But today, as friends gathered in our home praying, a friend started reading The Father's Love Letter, a compilation of Scripture passages that reveal how much Our Father knows, loves + watches over each one of His children, especially Erica, + before we had finished the page, the phone rang + the police were asking me to view a street video to verify whether it was Erica. It's only 12 seconds long, but right when the figure came on screen I knew in my heart it... was her, I cried out + started to weep with joy! We saw her clothes + without a moment's hesitation, agreed they were indeed hers; her hair, her walk, the way she lifted her purse strap over her shoulder: it was her + like one exclaimed, 'I just wanted to reach out + pull her in!'
So close, and yet not home. But our hearts have been encouraged + we're believing for the next pieces to come together, yield the full picture + see her safe soon! Thank you so much to all of you who stand with us: your prayers, messages, meals, helps in so many ways, keep us afloat, rising up in faith above the obstacles.
Thank you Mark for your superb direction in co-ordinating all the bits of info + focusing all the present effort for what will hopefully find + bring Erica home!
And Thank you, Father God, for completing what You start to do.

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