Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank you!

My family + I thank you!
To all of our family, friends + even those of you who don't even know us, but have somehow been touched by Erica's disappearance, please receive our deepest, heartfelt ‘Thank you!’
In the midst of this storm, you have stood with us: loved, comforted, and helped us; cried and cried out with us; encouraged us to keep on keeping on, press forward and not give up! 
You have stood with us and believed that somehow God will work this for good.
Many of you have cooked meals for us that have enabled our family to gather evenings around the same table, so we might be together through this time. They've been so good and after these weeks, I must confess we're spoiled, but it's a blessed kind of spoiled + we are so very full + thankful!
You have continued to pray for Erica's return and our strength through each new day. We would not have been able to come this far without your prayers, encouragement + the Lord’s continued Presence walking us through.
I don't know how anyone could ever go through this without faith in a God who Himself is our faith, hope + love.
This morning, Fred + his son John applied the first coat of paint in our downstairs bedroom to restore what the enemy ‘demon-rat’ meant for evil. Others are doing drywall and someone has graciously offered to purchase + install a new carpet! Thank you!

Today is Day 42 and it's another step of enduring faith: 1 step more than I thought we'd have to take yesterday.
And yet I am encouraged.
42 is the number of stops Israel made in their 40-year wilderness journey before they entered the Promised Land as detailed in Numbers 33.
It is also the number of generations cited in Matthew 1 in Israel’s spiritual journey from Abraham to Jesus Christ.
3 sets of 14 total 42 generations from the promise of Abraham through David and show The Father had not forgotten His people, but faithfully fulfilled His promises through His Messiah Jesus.
We’ve gone through the 40 days’ testing + today our journey continues this next step. Our faith affirms we have ‘crossed over’ in Christ, not just a natural Red Sea or Jordan River, but through the very veil of mystery that once separated + hid us from His revelation.
The New Covenant of Jesus Christ is now His Revelation of His Promises in + through us.
As we continue to follow, I believe the Spirit will also reveal Erica to us + her whereabouts will no longer be a mystery, but a revelation of God’s powerful love in action.

Thank you, Father, for Your precious people who have walked and continue to walk this road together with us:
May your blessing rest on each one to fully discover your ‘how much more!’ love, Presence, Vision + Provision as we simply trust + follow and you open your Way before us.   


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