Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In Burmington Church

I went looking for you dear,
On this your birthday…

I stepped outside this sheltered life
And the rain fell like tears,
Drenching both me and the countryside,
Driving me to that same chapel

Where only a few years past
I’d fled to find peace
And hear His voice
Amid the chatter.

Yet as I sat there
In His Presence
I’d realized I was Incomplete
Without you.

Then I heard footsteps approach…
Their sound ascended the stony path.
Their hand wrestled with the heavy door…
And in my heart I knew
It was you.  

Unknown to either of us,
We’d been led both
To that same refuge
In that same storm.
You found me
And I was no longer lost.

I’ve gone looking for you every day
Since that morning you went missing
In your pain.

Today again I waited there…
Listened for your footsteps,
Felt your hand once more
Touch and turn the latch
Upon my heart.
It opened
And I found you
Through His healing…

And now you are no longer lost.

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