Tuesday, December 8, 2015

30-hour marathon of flights from Kathmandu-Bangkok-HongKong-Vancouver + I'm home from Nepal today! Thank you for your prayers + encouragement along the way + a special Thank you to Prem + Lalita + their school for hosting me! This is my 3rd time in Nepal + I feel more + more like I have a home away from home each time I visit. Please keep praying for the kingdom of God to continue to rise up! Each time here I've seen a parallel with the Philippian church: birthed in an earthquake, poor yet constantly giving, a true testimony of the Resurrected Christ! So many changed lives, the harvest is ripe! So many challenges, yet such strong overcomers! Please keep praying for labourers + an end to the Hindu extremist embargo against fuel + medicine that has made life so difficult for so many. But even this is turning as an opportunity for many to see the difference between the light of Jesus + the world's darkness: real relationship with God rather than spinning wheels with sleeping dogs, whole poinsettia trees, not just potted plants. So thankful for my own bed tonight!

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