Saturday, March 14, 2015

There is a Redeemer! I've checked out a few paths in this life so far and I'm amazed that no faith, religion, philosophy, belief system has any concept/ revelation that there is One who can take the manure the enemy throws at us + turn it into fertilizer!  other than JESUS!
Hinduism + Buddhism preach karma, Islam: vengeance + humanism: you can be whatever you want - all void of a personal God of purpose + power. I feel this especially now as I sort through/pack 35 years of marriage memories with Erica and prepare to move into a new house + home
Romans 8:28 says He loves me, has called me to His purpose + is working all things, especially the things which defy understanding here in this world, for good + His glory + we will also see this revelation in all its fullness one day!

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