Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Greatest Revolutionary of All Time!

Christ is Risen!
2000 years later, this simple message is revolutionizing our entire world! This is not merely an idea, a nice religious thought we try to believe.
Christ’s Resurrection is a historical fact, rooted in reality, fully witnessed in Scripture, the foundation of our faith.
 Rom 10:9-10 affirms that when we believe in our hearts God raised Christ from the dead + confess this with our mouth, we saved/healed/restored/ made whole! Countless lives have been changed by this truth!
The Early Church preached Christ’s Resurrection to religious + skeptical audiences alike. Their lives embodied this message and humanistic philosophies could not withstand their evident demonstration of truth in action! They overcame by the blood of The Lamb who had overcome death and their lives and deaths bore witness!
While teaching in Nepal + India, I saw afresh how truly radical the Resurrection message is! Hindu + Buddhist culture know only reincarnation: endless cycles of karma + hopeless bondage, but Jesus broke the box of all human limitations. Not only was His preaching life-changing, but His final act marks Him as the greatest revolutionary of all time: He overcame sin + death!
The Resurrection message has a deepened significance for our family this year. We believe one day we will meet our Erica again and even share together this resurrection to life of all who believe and receive this good news! She is not dead, but has gone ahead of us to be with Jesus and her works follow her.
 Indeed, ever since her funeral, we are seeing abundant fruit of Erica’s life and answered prayer. People, things, situations she prayed into for many years (and I can testify: Erica prayed) are now coming to pass!
Our God is a Redeeming God and what the enemy meant for evil, Our Father is now turning for good + His glory.
Thank You again for your continuing prayers, encouragement and care for our family!
And we pray His Resurrection faith, hope, joy and love both rise up and increase, not only during this Easter season, but throughout your lives. May you be full to overflowing with His blessing!
Christ is Risen Indeed!

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