Saturday, March 22, 2014

‘You need to realize how much you have a Father who loves you!’

It’s amazing how the Lord turn days, lives and circumstances to His glory!
Today, for example, a friend asked me to coffee and brought another friend who had just driven across the country all the way from Newfoundland. This 2nd friend told me he had met Erica + me before, briefly at a conference a few years ago.
We sat down together, and he began sharing an amazing story with me that I would now like to share with you.
He was not really sure why he’d driven back to Abbotsford, but as he spoke, he said this purpose was growing clearer.
On October 5th, he awoke from a dream. In this dream, he had seen a line of people entering heaven. A young girl, he thought about 12 years old, left the line, came and stood right in front of him, pointed directly in his face and said,
‘You need to realize how much you have a Father who loves you!’
He added that he inherently knew this wasn’t a young girl, however; somehow he had the sense she was really an older woman, especially from her thick, combed-back hair.
Later that day, his wife showed him the FB story about Erica’s disappearance on the same day and when he saw her accompanying photo, he realized the girl in his dream had been Erica!
As he related his story, I felt a strong witness this was from the Lord for 2 reasons:
1st: he knew this specific item of Erica’s thick hair. This had always been one of her personal pet peeves: her hair was so thick she always said she couldn’t do anything with it!
2nd: her words about The Father’s love were the same words we use in expressing the central message of our Father’s Heart seminar we’ve been teaching for the last few years: ‘You’ve got a Father who loves you!’
He could not have known these details just through his own intuition, so this greatly encouraged me.
Somehow the Lord had driven this man all the way across Canada to affirm something in my heart.
Our ministry yet carries on, even though Erica is no longer with me.
She was preaching even while she was in line to enter heaven. She never gave up!
My new friend and I talked further, prayed together, and when we went outside, another fellow approached us.
I didn’t recognize him at all; however, my new Newfie friend did.
But almost immediately, this fellow turned to me, exclaimed, ‘You’re Henry, Erica’s husband!’ and proceeded to tell me how profoundly he’d been touched by her funeral service: ‘I felt I’d been in the most wonderful spiritual encounter ever!’
‘Oh, you were there at the funeral?’ I replied.
And he then related to me how a mutual friend of ours, who now lives in Alberta, had tried to get him to meet us months before, but Erica disappeared before this could come about. Turned out this mutual friend had flown out from Alberta and brought this fellow with her to the funeral.
Again… just an added touch of how strongly the Lord wants me to know how He has used Erica’s life even in death, and her funeral to touch hearts, even of people we don’t even know.
On my walk back uphill, I stopped where they’d finally discovered Erica’s body New Year’s Day.
So close, yet so far.
The sun came out, it grew warmer! Spring was in the air and I felt the Lord healing more in my life and family. Somehow He orchestrated these ‘chance’ meetings and brought me together with these new friends to affirm my heart that none of this has been wasted, to no avail, or in vain.
His Hand is redeeming even now: new glory through the pain and suffering.
And as if I needed more confirmation, as I continued walking, an eagle appeared above me. For me, another sign of His Presence, circling and soaring, leading me home.

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I know it’s true: the Lord has lifted me through these last 6 months.

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  1. Beautiful words and sharing. I think of you often though it has been many years since I met you and Erica at Mountainview Evangelical Free in Sardis. Warmly, Renée (formerly Norwood).