Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I first wrote this on my journey in 1973,
a short time before I became a Christian.
Kind of feel like I’m at a similar place of healing again.
Can one be born again again?

Metamorphosis Road

Forget your hope and lose your past
And soon you’ll find freedom at last;
Destroy your loss, defeat your fear,
Sorrow to drown needs only a tear.
But love... love continuously
As day meets night to become day again
So love… love through all
Brings the rainbow in rain.
Although some may say there’s no gold at the end
And following its course means a lifetime to spend,
Look back from your twilight and clearly you’ll see
The means which you chose are now what you be.
And Love, our One Meaning
Shepherds His fold
To the end of life’s rainbow –
Metamorphosis Road.

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