Thursday, January 15, 2009

“May God Himself, who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole – spirit, soul, and body.” (1Thess 5:23- The Message) God’s will is for people to be healed, completely at one with Him, themselves and others. He is the God of peace. Jesus is The Prince of Peace, the One who breaks confusion. Last year, our STC (now Simply Transformed by Christ) outreach teams ministered both in Mexico and locally in Canada. Just as Jesus sent his disciples out to heal, so after six months of training, He sent us out to freely give, even as we had freely received. And good news reports have returned with us. Whether here or abroad, hearts are open to receive the kingdom of God now being manifest in all the earth!
We saw miracles take place! God has not stopped doing miracles. The same Holy Spirit that worked through Jesus and the apostles of the early church still works miracles today. Hopeless cases are possible with God. Miracles of heart, mind, soul, body; every part of our human being needs to be whole and just as Jesus moved in compassion and healed multitudes, so He continues by faith today!
Our students prayed for a deaf child and where there had been no hearing, suddenly full hearing came in one ear and the other began to open also. Why didn’t full hearing come to both ears immediately? I don’t know, but I thank God for the healing that did take place. Others prayed for a man whose leg had been crippled, stiff, inflexible. Shortly afterwards, they heard bones cracking, he began moving his leg and soon he was jumping around on it before them! Another lady had come with her arm bandaged and in a sling. As the students prayed with her, she suddenly tore off the sling, began waving her arms wildly and even clapping her hands together. Her actions and joy witnessed her evident healing.
But God heals more than physical bodies. He sets captives free spiritually also. After hearing our message, one woman became quite overcome, fell down and began writhing on the floor, very distraught. Three of us prayed over her, took authority, and together with the pastor, broke the demon’s power, and cast it out. The woman was freed to receive Christ in her life and be made whole! It’s exciting to see “every knee will bow” happening today! The kingdom of God is present and filling the earth just as Jesus said it would. He is only looking for hungry hearts of faith to respond to His Word & Spirit’s leading.
Personally, I saw a beautiful testimony of God’s willingness and ability to heal the deepest hurts of the heart. One evening, I was drawn towards a group of adults and children off to one side of the church. I had a strong leading towards a man, woman, little girl and older woman, but I had no assurance they were actually a family. However, as I prayed, I saw them more as a family, and even spoke over them in my broken Spanish, “familia”. When I prayed over ‘Mama’, she broke into tears; then I continued with the husband, the little girl, and Grandma (?) Then they brought a younger boy and I was assured it was their son and this was indeed a family. The Holy Spirit ministered and Mama and Grandma were both in tears as they explained through my interpreter that as I had spoken ‘familia’ over them without even knowing they were a family, God had brought healing to their hearts. They had been going through marriage difficulties, on the verge of divorce, and now God had shown and reassured them that they were indeed “His familia”. What a joy to see the couple restored, hugging and kissing with their children together: a whole family!
I believe God wants more of this ‘whole’ healing take place. That same evening, the church asked us to bless their children; the parents had been fasting and praying for them all day. We laid hands on them and then invited any others who wanted to become as little children in the kingdom of God to give their hearts to Christ and be born again. Immediately a number of young and old, men and women responded and the miracle of new birth became reality again! Without God we are incomplete. Only Jesus can make people whole. Healing in Jesus is for the whole person: body, soul and spirit; heart, mind and will. This wholeness is available and happening today wherever hearts are open in faith to His love. How’s your wholeness?

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